Christogenea Website and Community Services Directory

Christogenea Website and Community Services Directory

Public Christogenea Websites:
The Mein Kampf Project
The Saxon Messenger
Clifton Emahiser
Bertrand Comparet
Wesley Swift
Christogenea Archive
The Dixie site at Christogenea
The Paul Senstius Site
Race and Crime in Iowa
The old Christogenea Forum -  (read-only website is now deprecated)

Christogenea Book Store and advertisements for Christogenea literature, media and promotional products:

Instructions and directions to Christogenea services:

Christogenea Community Forum

Forum procedure:
Before deciding to register, please read the Welcome page. After registration, be certain to post a Welcome Message in the Welcome pages section of the Forum. Once your Welcome Message is approved, you will be permitted to post in other forums. Once your moderation period is completed, you will be able to post and comment freely throughout the Forum.

Other Christogenea Services:

Registration at the main Christogenea website currently offers no extra privileges except to help track one's own activity. We are considering adding privileges in the near future.

The Christogenea Chat is now public and operates 24/7, although peak activity is often during live programs, Friday and Saturday evenings from about 8PM to 9:30PM. Register with a username and valid email address, and join the Chat here.

File Sharing:
Christogenea Media Sharing Website
This is open only to Forum Members in good standing, users can post media files of any sort for linking and sharing on the Forum or elsewhere on the Internet. Registration is a separate process from the Forum itself and requires approval.

Christogenea forum members in good standing can create accounts and post discussions and comments at the following sites:
Bertrand Comparet site
Weslet Swift site
We may in certain cases accept registration from non-Forum members. Commenting is experimental and may be expanded to other Christogenea sites in the future.

Christogenea Teamspeak Voice Chat Server:
Directions are found at the Connect page. See the Policies page for additional necessary information. This is a 24/7 chat server for voice and text chatting that supports multiple groups and sections and up to 512 concurrent users. Currently William Finck holds a Bible Study each Wednesday at 8PM Eastern, and is available on Friday and Saturday evenings after his live podcasts for open discussions. The chat server is used at other times, although not with any degree of regularity. Teamspeak has free client software for PCs, and only a small one-time charge for an Android or iPhone app.

Christogenea IRC Server:
The Christogenea IRC server is moderated but open to members of our Christian Identity community who wish to have their own chat rooms. Please contact William Finck for use. Ther server is open, but use is at the discretion of Christogenea management and will be monitored. The server address is Recommended client software for PCs is Hexchat for Windows, Linux or Mac, or Andchat for Android. Both programs are free.

Christogenea Jabber Server:
Like IRC, Jabber is another way to have chat online one-on-one or in groups. The server is open, but use is at the discretion of Christogenea management and will be monitored. Just point your Jabber client to and register an account. Recommended client software is Psi for PCs, or Xabber for Android. Both programs are free.

Christogenea Internet Radio:

We currently have 6 fulltime radio streams. They can be played on Winamp or VLC or any other media player that can play streaming radio:

The schedule for the first four radio streams is found at the Radio page at the main website. A different set of podcasts is played each day of the week on each stream. Schedules for any particular stream are changed periodically as we accumulate new podcasts. (The "Now Playing" feature is temporarily out of order due to a scripting problem.)

Live programs are only broadcast on the first four streams. Streams 5 and 6 are replaying older Mein Kampf project podcasts.

Christogenea has an Android radio app which plays any of the first four streams. If you like our Android app, leave us a good review! Sorry, there is no Apple app att his time. 

Additional related sites run on Christogenea resources where William Finck posts:
Israelect (Archive only, no new posts)

Social Media:
Facebook group
Facebook page