The Christogenea Forum was originally found in July, 2009 and as of June 2023 it has over 10,000 topics and is approaching 100,000 total posts. While the Chat is much busier, the Forum is a much better place for serious and lengthy posts since they will remain static for a long time, and will ultimately be seen by many more viewers.

While anyone can join the Forum, only those who agree in principal with the guidelines for fellowship outlined in its Welcome Page will ultimately be permitted to remain. Truth is not a democracy, and we do not care for a diversity of opinions in important matters concerning God and Christ. 

If you choose to join our Forum, which currently has nearly 300 active or marginally active members, please register with a valid email address, which is required. We do not care if it anonymous, and actually prefer it that way, along with the User Name. We discourage the use of real names, however that is the choice of the registrant. Once the email is verified, there is a Welcome Post requirement, and once a Welcome Post is approved, users will be able to post in any other available section of the Forum. Posts will, however, remain in moderation for a specified time, whereafter new users gain full privileges.