First, we shall address the trolls: Nobody has any inherent right to use the resources or property of another for the benefit of their own agenda. Truth is not a democracy, and if you insist on exercising your first amendment rights to promote your own agenda, then you have every right to do that somewhere else.

Rather, Christogenea resources are devoted to promoting the agenda of Yahshua (Jesus) Christ as we interpret it in our own writings and podcasts. We are a community of fellow believers and studiers who uphold the Word of God in Scripture as our only authority. Our grounds for fellowship are simple, but strict. You may view them at the Welcome Page for the Christogenea Community Forum, and we have the same expectations for everyone who utilizes any other Christogenea asset, including the Forum, the Teamspeak Voice Chat Server, the video conferencing server or the Rocket.Chat server.

Furthermore, we expect all of our community members and visitors to act in a Christian manner as well as in a manner which complies with the moral laws and statutes of the worldly government of our jurisdiction. Therefore we cannot tolerate any immoral or illegal activity including but not limited to gambling, pornography, child pornography, sex trafficking and prostitution, human trafficking, robberies, frauds, riots, unlawful acts of violence, theft or misappropriation of intellectual property, etc. These things will not be tolerated. Neither will we observe or tolerate immoral laws. Gender is grounded in biology, and two men cannot be "married" to one another, so neither can two women. 

In addition to these things, for our own protection as well as that of our community, we reserve the natural right of Man to choose to communicate or not to communicate with whosoever we desire. If we disfellowship with you or with anyone, it is our choice to do so, and if you are offended you may be offended somewhere else. We do not care for your feelings.